The Lyons in Paris

The Lyons Abroad


Val Guest
Hammer Films

More sitcom shenanigans with the Lyons, this time in gay Paree, with all the usual stereotypes and situations one would associate with a vacation in France.

Second and last of the Lyons films is a tired, unfunny mess. The problem lies in the fact that, even in 1955, the material is lame and unoriginal. Ben tries to be Jack Benny (cheapskate with an old car), but isn't funny, while Bebe tries to be a ditzy birdbrain like Gracie Alllen, but isn't funny. The two kids are ciphers, with no character at all. At least in the first film the supporting cast had some funny bits, which helped redeem things. Not here, unfortunately, just tired stereotypes.

-Dave W.

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11th February 1955

81 mins

Reginald Beckwith
Captain Philip le Grand
Martine Alexis
Fifi le Fleur
Pierre Dudan
Dino Galvani
Horace Percival
Molly Weir
Aggie MacDonald
Doris Rogers
Florrie Wainwright
Gwen Lewis
Wilhelmina Wimple
Hugh Morton
Colonel Price
Richard Lyon
Richard Lyon
Barbara Lyon
Barbara Lyon
Ben Lyon
Ben Lyon
Bebe Daniels
Bebe Lyon
(as Bebe Daniels Lyon)
Susan Beaumont
Richard's Dreamboat
Unknown 31222-01
Barbara's Dreamboat
Victor Harrington
Policeman (uncredited)
Harry Van Engel
Gawker (uncredited)
Arthur Lovegrove
First Painter (Fred)
Unknown 31222-02
Second Painter
Bart Allison
Third Painter (Harry)
Unknown 31222-03
Ms. Maxwell, Ben's Secretary
Gordon Harris
Photographer (uncredited)
Unknown 31222-04
(John G. Heller?)
Guy Standeven
Ferry Passenger
Unknown 31222-05
Ferry Porter
Unknown 31222-12
Woman on Ferry
Ned Lynch
Hotel Doorman
Guy Du Monceau
Hotel Desk Clerk
Alf Mangan
Club Patron
Aidan Harrington
Club Patron
Dido Plumb
Club Patron
Otto Friese
Club Patron
Dave's Unknown Female 1
Club Patron
Ian Selby
Man in Theater Audience
Paddy Smith
Cafe Patron
Unknown 31222-06
Stage Manager
Unknown 31222-07
Unknown 31222-08
Man Striking Match on Fender
Frank Howard
Cafe Waiter
Unknown 31222-10
Man Offering to Buy Car
Arthur Hall
Man with le Grand
Eiffel Tower
Arc de Triomphe
Sacré-Cœur Basilica
Dover-Calais Ferry

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