The Riverside Murder


Albert Parker
Fox British

Financiers on the eve of a group payout are being killed one by one. Can Inspector Winton catch the killer?

Enjoyable Edgar Wallace-like murder mystery is nothing new, and the requisite romance between policeman and reporter doesn't quite seem believable, but Sydney is affable and Sim gets to practice his sour Scots police sergeant in preparation for the Inspector Hornleigh films. Witty script and a satisfying ending, too.

-Dave W.

5th March 1935

64 mins

Basil Sydney
Detective Inspector Philip Winton
Judy Gunn
Claire Haines
Zoe Davis
Mrs. Harris
Alastair Sim
Police Sergeant 'Mac' McKay
Reginald Tate
Hubert Perrin
Ian Fleming
Henry Sanders
Tom Helmore
Alfred Jerome
Martin Lewis
William Gregg
C.M. Hallard
Dickenson, Norman's Attorney
Aubrey Mallalieu
Robert Norman
Unknown 31293-01
Unknown 31293-02
Constable Smith
Unknown 31293-03
Evening Gazette Reporter
Unknown 31293-04
Actor on Movie Set
Unknown 31293-05
Actor on Movie Set
Albert Parker
Movie Director
(uncredited director's cameo)
Unknown 31293-15
Film Crewman
Unknown 31293-06
Studio Policeman
Unknown 31293-07
Studio Telephone Operator
Unknown 31293-08
Mr. Gregory, Editor
Unknown 31293-09
Delivery Boy
Ernest Borrow
Superintendent Field
Sidney Monckton
Globe Reporter
Unknown 31293-11
Globe Photographer
Unknown 31293-14
Police Commissioner
Unknown 31293-12
Constable Guarding Front Door
(Raymond Rollett?)
Unknown 31293-13
Constable in Winton's Office

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