Miracle in Harlem


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Hilda Offley
Aunt Hattie
Sheila Guyse
Julie Weston
Kenneth Freeman
Jim Marshall
William Greaves
Bert Hallam
Sybil Lewis
Alice Adams (as Sybyl Lewis)
Creighton Thompson
Reverend Jackson
Laurence Criner
Albert Marshall (as Lawrence Criner)
Jack Carter
Phillip Manley
Jack Carter
Phillip Manley
Milton Williams
Mr. Wilkinson
Monte Hawley
Lieutenant Renard
Ruble Blakey
Detective Foley
'Slick' Chester
Detective Tracy (as Alfred Chester)
Stepin Fetchit
'Swifty', the Handyman
Savannah Churchill
Singer - Specialty 'I Want to Be Loved'
Lavada Carter
Singer - Specialty 'John Saw the Number'
Norma Shepherd
Singer - Specialty 'Patience & Fortitude'
Juanita Hall
Juanita Hall - Specialty 'Chocolate Candy Blues'
Lynn Proctor Trio
singers - Specialty 'Watch Out'
Lynn Proctor
Lynn Proctor
Juanita Hall Choir
Hilda Geeley