They Can't Hang Me


Val Guest

Civil servant Morell is soon to be hung for murder, but offers to help catch a foreign spy he was feeding information to in exchange for freedom.

Almost very good, but let down by a desperately uninteresting romantic subplot between Morgan and a very shrill Donlan, which destroys the pacing and grinds the film to a halt each time the plot goes back to it. A shame, as the plot is quite good, and Morell and Morgan work well cast against their usual types.

-Dave W.

They Can't Hang Me
1st October 1955

75 mins

Terence Morgan
Inspector Brown
Yolande Donlan
Jill Wilson
André Morell
Robert Isaac Pitt
Ursula Howells
Antonia Pitt
Anthony Oliver
Inspector Newcombe
Guido Lorraine
Pietr Revski
Basil Dignam
Wing Commander Riddle
Reginald Beckwith
Harold Entwistle
Raymond Rollett
Sir Robert Rosper
Fred Johnson
Professor Robinson-Heston
Arnold Marlé
Karl Kopek
Mark Dignam
Pentonville Prison Governor
John Horsley
Assistant Commissioner
(as John Horseley)
Barry Lowe
Eric Colter
Diana Lambert
Young Woman
Unknown Male 17
Clerk of the Court
Richard Cuthbert
Unknown 32899
Yvette Saunders
(photo only)
Unknown 32899
P.C. Donovan
Unknown 32899
Pitt's Warder
Unknown 32899
Pitt's Warder
Unknown 32899
Prison Warder
Stuart Mitchell
Head Waiter
Frank Howard
Louis Matto
Unknown 32899
Restaurant Proprietor
Arthur Lovegrove
Jim Brady
Nick's Thug
Unknown 32899
P.C. with Records
Petra Davies
Pitt's Maid
Guy Mills
Brown's Driver
Unknown 32899
Cyril Renison
Detective Sergeant Enders
Unknown 32899
Chertwell Security Guard
Philip Levene
BBC Newsreader
Michael Godfrey
Chertwell Security Guard
Nigel Sharpe
Complaining Soldier
Fred Davis
Inspector Johnson
Unknown 32899
Police Driver
Johnny Wyne
Police Driver
Manny Michael
Police Despatcher
Unknown Male 1
Police Despatcher
Charles Hammond
Police Plotter
N. Matthews
Helicopter Pilot
Robert Gregory
Detective at Farm
Unknown 32899
Revski's Helper
Brown Derby
Police Sergeant
Unknown 32899
Police Inspector at Farm
Unknown 32899
John Maxwell
Brown's Co-Driver
Albert Bridge
Sikorsky S-51

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