Michael Spierig
(as The Spierig Brothers)
Peter Spierig
(as The Spierig Brothers)

A doctor is invited to check on the sanity of Winchester heiress.

Supernatural yarn spun around the real life Winchester Mystery House seems to have all the required ingredients for a cracking ghost story, but somehow flubs it. A little more empathy for the characters would help.

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2nd February 2018

2nd February 2018

1st May 2018

99 mins

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Helen Mirren
Sarah Winchester
Sarah Snook
Marion Marriott
Finn Scicluna-O'Prey
Henry Marriott
Jason Clarke
Dr. Eric Price
Emm Wiseman
Alana Fagan
Partially Dressed Lady #1
Rebecca Makar
Partially Dressed Lady #2
Tyler Coppin
Arthur Gates
Michael Carman
Angus Sampson
John Hansen
Alice Chaston
Eamon Farren
Ben Block
Laura Brent
Ruby Price
Adam Bowes
Farmer Amputee
Bruce Spence
Phoenix Suhrou-Dimarco
Native American Child
Jayden Irving
Carpenter #1
Rosco Campbell
Carpenter #2
Puven Pather
Carpenter #3
Tom Heath
Wiry Carpenter
Curtis Bock
Harry Block
Andy de Lore
James Block
Graham Jahne
Innocent Man #1
Hayden Stewart
Innocent Man #2
Chris Anderson
Innocent Man #3
Laura Sutton
Innocent Woman
Robert Shook
Police Officer #1
Richard Anastasios
Police Officer #2
Will Jones
Police Officer #3
Luke Maizey
Police Officer #4 (as Luke David Maizey)
James Baldwin
Police Officer #5
Neil Solomano
Police Officer #6
Amos Ciza
Slave Ghost
Red Horse Rivera
Chief Little Fawn
Timothy Brown
Ghost #1
Kym Lannin
Ghost #2 - Farmer
Christian Rhodes-Wolfe
Ghost #3 - Union Soldier
Albert Trajstman
Ghost #4 - Sheriff
Xavier Gouault
Ghost #5 - Police Officer (as Xavier Gerard Ludovic Gouault)
Gawi Deng
Ghost #6 - Confederate Soldier
Ryuhei Tsukamoto
Ghost #7 - Rail Worker
Shane Holloway
Ghost #8 - Cowboy
Michael Boyd
Ghost #9 - Sheriff
Elisa Abascal
Ghost #10 - Mexican Woman
Akosia Sabet
Ghost #11 - Cotton Picker
Stephanie Beall
Ghost #12 - 1895 Wealthy Lady
Clancy Fraser
Ghost #13 - Prostitute
Chris Homa
Ghost #14 - Farmer's Wife
Rose Juan
Ghost #15 - Maid

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