Man on the Run


Lawrence Huntington
Associated British Picture Corp.

Army deserter is caught out, and finds himself trapped in an ever growing web of bad luck and circumstance.

Interesting film, sort of like a British version of Detour, at least until it gets a bit silly in the final reel. Notable for a very bitter postwar atmosphere; soldiers are drunken bullies, cops do nothing but harass innocent people, and everyone is just trying to get by, however they can. Also has an odd hobby-horse about Army deserters, which I guess were a problem just after the war? Not bad, but not consistently good enough to be a classic.

-Dave W.

Man on the Run
20th May 1949

80 mins

Man on the Run
29th August 1951

80 mins

Derek Farr
Peter Burdon aka Brown
Joan Hopkins
Jean Adams
Edward Chapman
Divisional Detective Inspector Mitchell
Laurence Harvey
Detective Sergeant Lawson
John Bailey
Dan Underwood
Howard Marion-Crawford
1st Paratrooper
John Stuart
Det. Inspector Jim McBane
Edward Underdown
'Slim' Elfey
Leslie Perrins
Kenneth More
Corporal Newman
(as Kenneth Moore in opening credits)
Martin Miller
Tony - Cafe Proprietor
(as Martyn Miller in end credits)
Stuart Lindsell
(as R. Stuart Lindsell)
Alfie Bass
Bargee's Mate
Eleanor Summerfield
May Baker
Cameron Hall
Reg Hawkins
Anthony Nicholls
Station Inspector (Wapping)
Valentine Dyall
Judge Advocate
Howard Douglas
Sweeny (The Bargee)
Laurence Ray
Andy Baker
Bruce Belfrage
Voice: B.B.C. Announcer
Robert Adair
Henry Morgan
Charles Paton
2nd Hand Clothes Shop Proprietor
Basil Cunard
2nd. Pub Type (Soho Pub)
Jack McNaughton
1st. Pub Type (Soho Pub)
Virginia Winter
Doris - 1st. Barmaid (Soho Pub)
Margaret Goodman
Lalage Lewis
Lily Gatehouse
(as La lage Lewis)
Patrick Barr
Plain Clothes Man (Cab scene)
Gerald Case
Policeman (Waterloo Bridge)
John Boxer
Radio Control Officer
Roy Russell
Mobile Police Sergeant
John Rae
Pub Patron
Leonard Sharp
Tom - Pub Patron
Joe Baker
Pub Patron
Jack May
Jeweler's Customer
Charles Lloyd Pack
Robb Collins - Jeweler
John Payne
Man Entering Subway
Unknown 33972
Washroom Attendant
Unknown 33972
Forensics Man
Unknown 33972
Detective at Jeweler's
Unknown 33972
Detective in Mitchell's Office
Unknown 33972
2nd. Barmaid (Soho Pub)
Joe Wadham
Soho Pub Patron
Unknown 33972
2nd. Paratrooper
Unknown 33972
Barman (Soho Pub)
Gerry Judge
Soho Pub Patron
Unknown 33972
Hungry Cabbie
Unknown 33972
Cabbie in Cafe
Robert Cawdron
Tony's Cafe Customer
Unknown 33972
Factory Commissionaire
Frederick Kelsey
Man in Victoria & Albert
Eddie Boyce
Theatre Commissionaire
Unknown 33972
Policeman in Mitchell's Office
Unknown 33972
Theatre Manager
Miles Silverton
Police Dispatcher
Unknown Male 101
Wapping Pub Patron
Unknown 33972
Wapping Pub Patron
Unknown 33972
Wapping Pub Patron
Manny Michael
Wapping Pub Patron
Arthur Mullard
Wapping Pub Patron
Unknown 33972
Wapping Pub Patron
Unknown 33972
Wapping Pub Patron
Unknown 33972
Wapping Pub Patron
Dido Plumb
Old Man
Houses of Parliament
Scotland Yard

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