Prince of Peace

The Lawton Story


Ginger Prince
Harold Daniels
Forrest Taylor
Uncle Mark Wallock
Millard Coody
Millard Coody / Jesus
Ferris Taylor
Uncle Jonathan Wallock
Gwynne Shipman
Jane (as Gwyn Shipman)
Darlene Bridges
Darlene Bridges / Virgin Mary
Maude Eburne
Willa Pearl Curtis
Willa Pearl
Raymond Largay
Dr. Martin (as Ray Largay)
A.S. Fischer
A.S. Fisher / Simon
Hazel Lee Becker
Herself / Mary Magdalene
William Ruhl
Mr. Nelson
Russ Whiteman
Mr. Cole
Knox Manning
Lydia McKim
Billy Lord
Lee 'Lasses' White
Del Fisher
George Hutchins
Marjorie Russell
Jan Hutchins
A.D. Sly
Doug Robinson
Reece L. Russell
Fred Larrance
Homer Cherry
Frank McFarland
Clair Logan
(as Sgt. Clair Logan)
W.J. Becker
(as Prof. W.J. Becker)
Fred Mayers
Bert Alford
(as Lt. Bert Alford)
Ivan Tobias
(as Dr. Ivan Tobias)
Joseph Otis
(as Sgt. Joseph Otis)
Ralph Holt
(as Dr. Ralph Holt)
Mildred Hester
Louis Vanderpool
Fred Larrance Jr.
Pearl Oliver
J.O. Chastain
Austin Parker
John O'Malley
Blair Calley