Curse of the Demon

Night of the Demon


Jacques Tourneur
Columbia Pictures
Sabre Films
Production Company

Scientific skeptics find themselves being picked off while investigating a dark arts practitioner.

One of the best courtesy of the plot, Tourneur's atmospheric direction and a delightfully restrained turn by MacGinnis. The demon is a bit hokey unfortunately, but remember, it's in the's coming!

The US DVD contains both versions, the UK cut, Night of the Demon, contains a couple of extra scenes.

Dana Andrews said prunes
Gave him the runes
And passing them used lots of skills

Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell is a vague remake.

17th December 1957

13th August 2002

96 mins

Dana Andrews
John Holden
Peggy Cummins
Joanna Harrington
Niall MacGinnis
Dr. Karswell
Maurice Denham
Prof. Harrington
Athene Seyler
Mrs Karswell
Liam Redmond
Prof. Mark O'Brien
Reginald Beckwith
Mr Meek
Ewan Roberts
Lloyd Williamson
Peter Elliott
Prof. Kumar
Rosamund Greenwood
Mrs Meek
Brian Wilde
Rand Hobart
Richard Leech
Insp. Mottrarn
Lloyd Lamble
Det. Simmons
Peter Hobbes
Charles Lloyd Pack
John Salew
Jane Barrow
Mrs Hobart
Percy Herbert
Lynn Tracy
Air Hostess
Ballard Berkeley
1st Reporter
Shay Gorman
Narrator (voice)
John Harvey
Hobart's Brother
Walter Horsbrugh
Bates, the Butler
Michael Peake
2nd Reporter
Leonard Sharp
Ticket Collector