Dangerous Money


Terry O. Morse
(as Terry Morse)
Monogram Pictures

Medicore entry with Chan investigating murder of a Federal agent aboard an ocean liner. The mystery aspect is not very well-handled; the ending is especially confusing and unsatisfying. Best and Sen Young's comedy relief is feeble, and the overall effect is 'meh.'

At the end of the film, Number Two Son finds a device that fires the knives used in the murders, yet during the film we clearly see someone throwing them. Again, 'meh.' I do like that we are reminded that Vogan's character is an icthyologist by his reading a book with the title 'FISH,' though.

-Dave W.

12th October 1946

66 mins

Sidney Toler
Charlie Chan
Gloria Warren
Rona Simmonds
Victor Sen Yung
Jimmy Chan
Rick Vallin
Tao Erickson
(as Richard Vallin)
Joseph Crehan
Captain Black
Willie Best
Chattanooga Brown
John Harmon
Freddie Kirk
Bruce Edwards
Harold Mayfair
Dick Elliott
P.T. Burke
Joseph Allen
George Brace
(as Joe Allen Jr.)
Amira Moustafa
Laura Erickson
Tristram Coffin
Scott Pearson
Alan Douglas
Joe Murdock (aka 'Mrs. Whipple')
Selmer Jackson
Ship's Doctor
Dudley Dickerson
Big Ben
Rito Punay
Pete the Steward
Elaine Lange
Cynthia Martin
Emmett Vogan
Professor Martin
Leslie Denison
Theodore M. Lane
(aka 'Reverend Dr. Whipple')
(as Leslie Dennison)
Mavis Russell
Kirk's Assistant
Helen Dickson
Ship's Passenger
Kit Carson
Seaman Throwing Life Ring
Ted Billings
Mango Bar Patron
Herbert Evans
Mango Bar Patron
Gerardo Sei Groves
Samoan Watchman
Don McCracken
Junior Officer

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