Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round


Bernard Girard

James Coburn
Eli Kotch
Camilla Sparv
Inger Knudson
Aldo Ray
Eddie Hart
Nina Wayne
Frieda Schmid
Robert Webber
Milo Stewart
Todd Armstrong
Alfred Morgan
Michael Strong
Paul Feng
Marian McCargo
Dr. Marion Hague (as Marian Moses)
Severn Darden
Miles Fisher
James Westerfield
Jack Balter
Simon Scott
William Anderson
Phillip Pine
George Logan
Michael St. Angel
Police Chjief William Yates
Larry D. Mann
Officer Howard (as Lawrence Mann)
Alex Rodine
Russian Translator
Rose Marie
Margaret Kirby
Tyler McVey
Lyman Mann
Roy Glenn
Sgt. Elmer K. Coxe
Holly Bane
Policeman at Airport
Wolfe Barzell
Red Thompson - Old Convict
Paul Birch
Bill Simpson (parole officer)
Abel Fernandez
Aztec Airlines Attendant
Harrison Ford
Bellhop Pager
Stephanie Hill
Janice Brown
Harry Holcombe
Joseph Mell
William Phipps
Sabrina Scharf
Girl in bed with James Coburn
Vic Tayback
Denver Police Detective Merchant
Lorna Thayer
Passenger on flight to Mexico
Mary Young
Mrs. Galbrace