Death of a Scoundrel

Diary of a Scoundrel


Charles Martin

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31st October 1956

George Sanders
Clementi Suborin
Yvonne De Carlo
Bridget Kelly
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Mrs. Ryan
Victor Jory
Leonard Wilson
Nancy Gates
Stephanie North
Coleen Gray
Mrs. Edith Van Renasslear
John Hoyt
Mr. O'Hara
Lisa Ferraday
Zina Monte
Tom Conway
Gerry Monte
Celia Lovsky
Mrs. Sabourin (Clementi's mother)
Werner Klemperer
Herbert Bauman (Clementi's lawyer)
Justice Watson
Henry (Clementi's butler)
John Sutton
The Actor as 'Tom' in Stage Play
Morris Ankrum
Capt. LaFarge (Homicide Squad)
Baynes Barron
Richard Bartell
Marjorie Bennett
Angry Woman
George Brent
O'Connell - Party Guest
Jack Chefe
Restaurant Waiter
Stanley Clements
Taxi Driver
James Craven
Gil Frye
Freundlich's Assistant
Tom Greenway
Stock Market Watcher in Montage
Kenner G. Kemp
Backstage Well-Wisher
Jewell Lain
Minor Role
Herbert Lytton
Doctor Treating Clement
Michael Mark
Mike - Elevator Operator
Bob Morgan
Chuck Kelly
Leo Mostovoy
Forbes Murray
Backstage Well-Wisher
Barry Norton
Party Guest
Anne O'Neal
Stock Market Watcher in Montage
Joey Ray
Mr. Claypool
Charles Sherlock
Limousine Driver
Bert Stevens
Passenger Departing Plane
Jack Stoney
On-looker at Kelly's Death
Brick Sullivan
Passenger at Dock
Ralph Volkie
Willie - Bartender
Guy Way
Stock Market Watcher