Das Geheimnis der gelben Narzissen

[The Secret of the Yellow Daffodils]
The Devil's Daffodil


Ákos Ráthonyi
(as Akos von Rathony)

Edgar Wallace krimi with a serial killer who leaves the title floral tribute on his (mostly) young female victims. Oh, and there's a heroin smuggling ring Fuchsberger and the inscrutable Lee (funny he makes a more convincing Asian here than as Fu Manchu) are investigating, too.

Not bad, though the intervening half-century makes the identity of the killer not much of a mystery. Filmed simultaneously with British and German leads. The British version appears to be unavailable, though (and possibly lost - BFI has no copy).

-Dave W.

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Das Geheimnis der gelben Narzissen
20th July 1961

94 mins

The Devil's Daffodil
20th May 1962

97 mins

Joachim Fuchsberger
Jack Tarling
William Lucas
Jack Tarling (English Version)
Sabine Sesselmann
Anne Ryder
(as Sabina Sesselmann)
Penelope Horner
Anne Rider (English Version)
Klaus Kinski
Peter Keene
Colin Jeavons
Peter Keene (English Version)
Ingrid van Bergen
Barsängerin Gloria
[Gloria, Chanteuse]
Albert Lieven
Raymond Lyne
Jan Hendriks
Marius Goring
Oliver Milburgh
Peter Illing
Geschäftsführer Jan Putek
[ Jan Putek, Cosmos Club Manager]
Walter Gotell
Chefinspektor Whiteside
[Chief Inspector Whiteside]
Christopher Lee
Ling Chu
Edwina Carroll
Chinesisches Mädchen
[Chinese Girl]
Peter Zander
Safety Official
John Herrington
Senior Customs Officer
John H. Watson
Smith, Junior Customs Officer
Irene Prador
Maisie, Receptionist
Campbell Singer
Sir Archibald
Bettine Le Beau
Zigarettenmädchen Trudi Mahler
[Trudi Mahler, Cigarette Girl ]
Piers Keelan
[Gloria's Accompanist]
Dawn Beret
Animiermädchen Katya
[Katya, Hostess]
Nancy Nevinson
Schlampige Frau
[Disheveled Woman]
Martin Lyder
Max, Cosmos Club Barman
John Blythe
Mann am Spielautomat
[Man Playing Slot Machine]
Frederick Bartman
Detective Escorting Trudi Home
Jack Silk
Police Driver
Louis Matto
Cosmos Club Waiter
Lance Percival
Französischer Gendarme
French Gendarme in Stage Act
Guy Standeven
Cosmos Club Patron
Bob Raymond
Cosmos Club Patron
Emil Stemmler
Waiter Saying 'Good Evening' to Lyne
Terry Sartain
Cosmos Club Patron
Unknown Male 70
Office Worker
Unknown Male 165
Office Worker
Unknown Male 76
Office Worker
Otto Friese
Office Worker
Pamela Conway
Lyne's Blonde
Unknown Male 34
Bar Patron
Aileen Lewis
Bar Patron
John Smart
Bar Patron
Gertan Klauber
Waiter with Message
Pat Halpin
Detective at Apartment
Grace Denbeigh-Russell
Mrs. Ryder
John Tatum
Peter Swanwick
Police Doctor
Thomas Gallagher
Policeman with Milburgh
Gundel Sargent
Hotel Switchboard Operator
Charles Brodie
David Broomfield
Alan Casley
Airport Worker
Michael Collins
Mr. Osborne
Anthony Sheppard
Rolf Mamero
Voice: Chefinspektor Whiteside
Friedrich G. Beckhaus
Voice: Mr. Osborne
Piccadilly Circus
Houses of Parliament

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