Devil's Rain


Robert Fuest

The Preston family cannot escape their ancestral ties with the local coven who want their book back.

Fondly remembered from back in the day but time has not been kind - the gooey finale carries no frisson, and the script has too many people stating the bleedin' obvious.

Looking at the papers from the day, the film was still in production about a month out from its release.

Film debut for an almost unrecognizable John Travolta as a coven member.

The Satanic stuff is given a whiff of authenticity by virtue of Church of Satan founder, Anton LaVey and his missus, being among the cast.

Disappointing venture from director Fuest coming off of three cracking UK lensed films.

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18th June 1975

Devil's Rain
3rd July 2001


Ernest Borgnine
Jonathan Corbis
Eddie Albert
Dr. Sam Richards
Ida Lupino
Mrs. Preston
William Shatner
Mark Preston
Keenan Wynn
Sheriff Owens
Tom Skerritt
Tom Preston
Joan Prather
Julie Preston
Woody Chambliss
John (as Woodrow Chambliss)
John Travolta
Claudio Brook
Lisa Todd
George Sawaya
Steve Preston
Erika Carlsson
Aaronessa Fyffe (as Erika Carlson)
Tony Cortez
First Captor
Anton LaVey
High Priest
Diane LaVey
Priscilla Corbis
Robert Wallace
Matthew Corbis