Gavin Miller

The real Alice-in-Wonderland, Alice Hargreaves visits New York for the centenary celebrations of the book. While there she has to deal with deplorables and disturbing memories of the past.

Quite unique meditation on celebrity and controversy with Alice encountering quite alarming recreations of Lewis Carroll's' characters.

Although the American scenes ring hollow, film packs a wallop. Recommended.

Vidcaps from the sadly 1.33:1 Amazon Prime stream.

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4th October 1985

20th September 2022

Coral Browne
Alice Hargreaves
Ian Holm
Reverend Charles L. Dodgson / Lewis Carroll
Peter Gallagher
Jack Dolan
Caris Corfman
Sally Mackeson
Nicola Cowper
Jane Asher
Mrs. Liddell
Amelia Shankley
Little Alice
Imogen Boorman
Emma King
Rupert Wainwright
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Mr. Duckworth
James Wilby
Shane Rimmer
Mr. Marl
Peter Whitman
Radio Producer
Ken Campbell
March Hare (voice)
Ken Campbell
Radio Sound Effects Man
William Hootkins
1st Radio Actor
Jeffrey Chiswick
2nd Radio Actor
Pat Starr
Radio Actress
Johnny M
1st Crooner
Alan Shearman
1st Reporter (as Alan Sherman)
Danny Brainin
3rd Reporter / Photographer
Sam Douglas
4th Reporter
Peter Banks
1st Editor
Scott Hoxby
2nd Editor (as Derek Hoxby)
Ron Berglas
3rd Editor
Ron Travis
4th Editor
Thomasine Heiner
Announcer / Chairman
Olivier Pierre
President of University
Tony Mansell
Waldorf Astoria Crooner
Ron Mueck
Steve Whitmire
Mock Turtle
Karen Prell
Michael Sundin
March Hare
Mick Walter
Mad Hatter
Fulton Mackay
Gryphon (voice)
Alan Bennett
Mock Turtle (voice)
Julie Walters
Dormouse (voice)
Tony Haygarth
Mad Hatter (voice)
Frank Middlemass
Caterpillar (voice)
Melissa Whitmire
Additional Muppet Performer (uncredited)
Lyle Conway
Man (left) at recording studio (uncredited)

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