The Duke of West Point


Alfred E. Green

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Louis Hayward
Steven Earley
Joan Fontaine
Ann Porter
Tom Brown
Sonny Drew
Richard Carlson
Jack West
Richard Carlson
Jack West
Alan Curtis
Cadet Strong
Don 'Red' Barry
Cadet Grady (as Donald Barry)
Steve Pendleton
Cadet Rains (as Gaylord Pendleton)
Charles D. Brown
Doc Porter
Jed Prouty
Mr. Drew
Marjorie Gateson
Mrs. Drew
Emma Dunn
Mrs. West
George McKay
Varsity Hockey Coach
James Flavin
Plebe Hockey Boach
Nick Lukats
Plebe Football Coach
Kenneth Harlan
Varsity Football Coach
Jonathan Hale
Colonel Early
William Bakewell
Committee Captain
Mary MacLaren
Edward Earle
Edward LeSaint
Oath Giver