Earth vs. the Flying Saucers


Fred F. Sears

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1st July 1956

Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers
17th September 2002


Hugh Marlowe
Dr. Russell A. Marvin
Joan Taylor
Carol Marvin
Donald Curtis
Maj. Huglin
Morris Ankrum
Gen. Hanley
John Zaremba
Professor Kanter
Thomas Browne Henry
Vice Adm. Enright
Grandon Rhodes
General Edmunds
Larry J. Blake
Motorcycle Cop (as Larry Blake)
Fred Aldrich
Airplane Passenger / Officer in Sighting Montage / Man in Saucer Attack
Holly Bane
Bit Role (unconfirmed)
Nicky Blair
Military Officer at Experiment
Charles Evans
Dr. Alberts
Paul Frees
Alien (voice)
Clark Howat
Sgt Nash
Harry Lauter
Forbes Murray
Military Officer at Experiment
Alan Reynolds
Maj Kimberly
Bert Stevens
Officer in UFO Sighting Montage
Dale Van Sickel
Man Crushed Beneath Wall
Frank Wilcox
Alf Cassidy

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