The Intimate Stranger

Finger of Guilt


Joseph Losey
[see note]
Anglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors
UK Distributor
US Distributor

Movie producer Basehart is being stalked by former lover Murphy, who he claims to not recall at all. Is she just an exceptionally good con artist, or is he going mad from overwork?

Interesting, not entirely successful noir-ish film that fails mainly because of Basehart’s performance. When he’s mad he’s fine, when sane, sounds like an insurance salesman. Murphy and Livesey carry the film, though and make it quite watchable, along with some nice footage of Merton Park’s backlot (not Shepperton's, IMDb).

Producer Alec C. Snowden was credited as director on the American version, as Losey was still blacklisted in our freedom-loving country at the time. The parallels between Basehart's accused and Losey himself should be obvious to modern viewers.

Note: the IMDb listing for the uncredited roles on this film are completely muddled and make no sense. The credits shown here are accurate.The British version also runs some 11 minutes longer, mostly involving a scene where Basehart shows a workprint of his film Eclipse in his home. This accounts for Marianne Stone, at least.

-Dave W.

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The Intimate Stranger
25th May 1956

95 mins

Finger of Guilt
17th October 1956

84 mins

Richard Basehart
Reginald 'Reggie' Wilson
Mary Murphy
Evelyn Stewart
Roger Livesey
Ben Case
Constance Cummings
Kay Wallace
Mervyn Johns
Ernest Chaple
Faith Brook
Lesley Wilson
Basil Dignam
Doctor Gray
David Lodge
Police Sergeant Brown
Vernon Greeves
George Mearns
Andre Mikhelson
Steve Vadney
Grace Denbeigh-Russell
Mrs. Lynton, Landlady
Unknown 6274-01
Wilfred Downing
Danny, Office Boy
Unknown 6274-02
Script Girl
Edna Landor
Miss Tyson, Reggie's Secretary
David Hurst
Dave Pearson
Michael Ward
Sydney, Costume Designer
Unknown 6274-04
Assitant Director
Peter Veness
P.C. Burton
Michael Segal
Johnny, Barman
Katharine Page
Miss Sedgwick, Case's Secretary
Lian-Shin Yang
Mary, Kay's Servant
Tony Castleton
Passerby on Backlot
Unknown 6274-03
Soldier in Film
Richard Grant
Harry, Chaple's Assistant
Unknown 6274-05
Jay Denyer
Studio Policeman
Gordon Harris
Actor (uncredited)
Douglas Hayes
Draper (uncredited)
Garfield Morgan
Waiter (uncredited)
John Preston
Fred (uncredited)
Fredric Steger
Jenner (uncredited)
Jack Stewart
Studio Gateman
Marianne Stone
Martine Vadney

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