The Fly


Kurt Neumann
20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Wife of inventor crushes him in a hyrdraulic press. Is she insane, or just a murderess? And why is she so fascinated by flies? One of the classic sci-fi films of the 1950s, cannily presented as a mystery. Benefits from some fine performances, especially the underrated Owens. James Clavell's script is a little too glib at times (for example, don't vaporise your wife's cat and say things like "It would be funny if life wasn't so sacred.") Made up for by the best monster reveal since Phantom of the Opera (1925).

If you are going to experiment with matter transporters ("disintegrator-integrators"), make sure you don't have holes in your screen windows...

Followed by Return of the Fly (1959) and Curse of the Fly (1965). Messily but very well remade in 1986, and adapted as an opera in 2008!

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29th August 1958

94 mins

10th December 2019

David Hedison
Andre Delambre
(as Al Hedison)
Patricia Owens
Helene Delambre
Vincent Price
Fran├žois Delambre
Herbert Marshall
Inspector Charas
Kathleen Freeman
Betty Lou Gerson
Nurse Andersone
Charles Herbert
Philippe Delambre
Eugene Borden
Dr. Ejoute
Harry Carter
Orderly (uncredited)
Arthur Dulac
Anthenium Club Waiter
Bess Flowers
Lady at the Ballet
Torben Meyer
Gaston (uncredited)
Franz Roehn
Police Doctor
Charles Tannen
Doctor (uncredited)

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