Foxhole in Cairo


John Llewellyn Moxey
(as John Moxey)
Omnia Films
Production Company

Story of two German spies attempting to infiltrate Cairo, and British plans to foil them.

Fairly accurate retelling of a real German spy operation, which was foiled when the two soldiers selected turned out to be more interested in spending money on liquor and prostitutes instead of spying. The last ten minutes of the film turn into rushed melodrama, but a servicable war story otherwise.

Peter Van Eyck's briefly seen explorer character is based on the same real person protrayed by Ralph Fiennes in The English Patient. Incidentally the footage with him and, indeed, all the footage actually shot in Egypt is from a German film, Rommel ruft Kairo (1959)

-Dave W.

4th October 1960

80 mins

15th February 1961

80 mins

James Robertson Justice
Captain "Robbie" Robinson
Adrian Hoven
Hauptmann John Eppler
Niall MacGinnis
Morris Radek
Robert Urquhart
Major Jimmy Wilson
Albert Lieven
Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel
Peter van Eyck
Count László Almásy
(footage from Rommel ruft Kairo)
Neil McCallum
Fenella Fielding
Yvette Laurent
Gloria Mestre
John Westbrook
Lee Montague
Henry Oscar
Colonel Zeltinger
Howard Marion-Crawford
British Major
(as H. Marion Crawford)
Lane Meddick
2nd British Signals Sergeant
Michael Caine
Hans Weber
Jerome Willis
Winters, 1st British Signals Sergeant
John Blythe
Achmed, 1st Barman (Irish Club)
Anthony Newlands
SS Standartenführer
Richard Vernon
British General
Nancy Nevinson
Signorina Signorelli
Storm Durr
Rommel's Aide
Walter Randall
Achmed, 2nd Barman (Turf Club)
Ernie Priest
British Officer at HQ
British Officer at HQ
(Frank Maher?)
Emil Stemmler
Irish Club Waiter
Jack Armstrong
British Officer in Bar
British Sergeant at Desert Camp
Egyptian Guide
(uncredited - footage from Rommel ruft Kairo)
Hubert Hill
British Naval Officer in Club
British Officer in Club
Pat Halpin
British Officer in Club
Christopher Carlos
Hotel Porter
Unknown Male 41
British Captain
British Radio Operator
Michael Collins
MP Sergeant
Military Policeman
Military Policeman
Barry Steele
Bates, Wilson's Batman
Jo Enrika
Doll Seller
George Hilsdon
MP Captain
Philip Bond
German Signals Sergeant
Murray Hayne
British Signals Corporal
British Corporal

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