Gideon's Day

Gideon of Scotland Yard


John Ford
Columbia Pictures

A day in the life of a busy Scotland Yard inspector, courtesy of Mr. John Ford.

Well made and well photographed, but sadly not one of Ford's better films. There is far too much going on--all of the various capers Gideon investigates (crooked detective, pay heists, thugs out to kill a stool pigeon, serial rapist, rich toffs robbing a bank) could each make an entire film, but are here barely developed and remain unsatisfyingly shallow. The bucolic 1950s sitcom image of Gideon's homelife also jibes uneasily with the rest of the film. Part of the problem lies in that Ford apparently cut the film from 118 to 90 minutes; that likely accounts for much of the lack of development. Hawkins and most of the supporting cast are fine, but they are badly let down by several very poor supporting performances (Hervey and Potter are the biggest offenders here).

The film still remains very watchable, but the end result is rather disappointing. Production design by Ken Adam--love those miniature buses outside Gideon's window!

And isn't the moose in the Chief's office the same one that bedeviled Basil Fawlty two decades later?

-Dave W.

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Gideon's Day
21st March 1958

91 mins

Gideon of Scotland Yard
21st January 1959

91 mins

Jack Hawkins
Chief Inspector George Gideon
Dianne Foster
Joanna Delafield
Cyril Cusack
Herbert 'Birdie' Sparrow
Andrew Ray
P.C. Simon Farnaby-Green
James Hayter
Robert Mason
Ronald Howard
Paul Delafield
Howard Marion-Crawford
Chief of Scotland Yard
(as Howard Marion-Crawford)
Laurence Naismith
Arthur Alexander Sayer
Derek Bond
Detective Sgt. Eric Kirby
Grizelda Hervey
Mrs. Kirby
Frank Lawton
Detective Sgt. Frank Liggott
Anna Lee
Mrs. Kate Gideon
John Loder
Ponsford, 'The Duke'
Doreen Madden
Miss Courtney, the Vicar's Daughter
Miles Malleson
Cecil Birkenshaw, Judge at Old Bailey
Marjorie Rhodes
Mrs. Rosie Saparelli
Michael Shepley
Sir Rupert Bellamy
Michael Trubshawe
Sergeant 'Golly' Golightly
Jack Watling
Reverend Julian Small
Anna Massey
Sally Gideon
Barry Keegan
Riley, 'The Driver'
Henry Longhurst
Reverend Courtney, the Vicar
Maureen Potter
Ethel Sparrow
Donal Donnelly
Dervis Ward
Andy 'Simmo' Simpson
Hermione Bell
Dolly Saparelli
Charles Maunsell
Mr. James Norman Walker
Francis Crowdy
Mr. Fitzhubert
David Aylmer
Ray Manners, Fitzhubert's Assistant
Brian Smith
White-Douglas, Fitzhubert's Assistant
Joan Ingram
Lady Bellamy
Mavis Ranson
Jane Gideon
Malcolm Ranson
Ronnie Gideon
Peter Brace
Police Constable
John Warwick
Inspector 'Gill' Gillick
Alan Beaton
Police Doctor
Unknown Male 32
Spectator at Crime Scene
Pat Halpin
Jim Brady
Jimmy Charters
Workman Hanging Moose
Unknown Male 26
Workman Hanging Moose
Unknown 7196-01
Police Constable
Don Webb
Police Constable
Jack Silk
Police Constable
Unknown 7196-03
Police Sergeant
Colin McKenzie
Police Constable
Edward Evans
Police Constable
Jim Morris
Street Extra
Unknown Male 52
Street Extra
Lucy Griffiths
Cinema Cashier
Mary Donevan
Cinema Usherette
Daniel Brown
Man at Cinema
Alf Mangan
Man in Cinema
Unknown Female 12
Woman at Cinema
Victor Harrington
Man in Crowd Outside Saparelli House
George Curtis
Policeman in Saparelli House
Bill Baskiville
Policeman in Scotland Yard Corridor
Robert Raglan
Henry Dawson, Forensics Man
Unknown 7196-04
Court Policeman
Bart Allison
Court Policeman
O'Donovan Shiell
Court Policeman
Pat Hagan
Court Official
S.M. Wood
Court Official
Dan Lester
Court Clerk
John Le Mesurier
Prosecuting Counsel
Robert Bruce
Defending Counsel
Arthur Dibbs
Richard Shaw
Man in Train Corridor
Jack May
Pub Patron
Ernest Blyth
Gent at Pub
Unknown Male 5
Gent at Pub
Unknown Male 60
Gent at Pub
Diana Chesney
Alan Rolfe
JImmy, CID Man at Hospital
Derek Prentice
First Employer
Alastair Hunter
Inspector MacPherson (voiceover)
Helen Goss
Woman Employer
Unknown 7196-05
P.C. with Searchlight
Unknown 7196-06
Detective at Safe Deposit Bank
Gordon Harris
Police Constable Holding Fitzhubert
Unknown 7196-07
Police Constable Holding Fitzhubert
Susan Richmond
Aunt May
Raymond Rollett
Uncle Dick
Stuart Saunders
Chancery Lane Policeman
Nigel Fitzgerald
Inspector Cameron
Peter Godsell
Stewart Guidotti
Bit Part
Michael O'Duffy
Hennie Scott
Minor Role
Norman Scace
(scenes deleted)
Billie Whitelaw
(scenes deleted)

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