The Group


Sidney Lumet

The Group - a collection of female college friends graduating in 1933, their travails to find love, happiness and employment.

Occasionally gripping if only to determine which member of the male cast is the most distasteful - there are plenty of candidates.
Although the props and scenary seem authentic it still comes as something of a surprise when World War II breaks out as the ambience manages to be very sixties.

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4th March 1966

Candice Bergen
Lakey Eastlake
Joan Hackett
Dottie Renfrew
Elizabeth Hartman
Priss Hartshorn
Shirley Knight
Polly Andrews
Joanna Pettet
Kay Strong
Mary-Robin Redd
Jessica Walter
Libby McAusland
Kathleen Widdoes
Helena Davison
James Broderick
Dr. Ridgeley
James Congdon
Sloan Crockett
Larry Hagman
Harald Peterson
Hal Holbrook
Gus Leroy
Richard Mulligan
Dick Brown
Robert Emhardt
Mr. Andrews (Henry)
Carrie Nye
Philippa Bevans
Mrs. Hartshorn
Leta Bonynge
Mrs. Prothero
Marion Brash
Radio Man's Wife
Sarah Burton
Mrs. Davison
Flora Campbell
Mrs. MacAusland
Bruno Di Cosmi
Leora Dana
Mrs. Renfrew
Bill Fletcher
Bill, the Actor
George Gaynes
Brook Latham
Martha Greenhouse
Mrs. Bergler
Russell Hardie
Mr. Davison
Vince Harding
Mr. Eastlake
Doreen Lang
Nurse Swenson
Chet London
Radio Man
Baruch Lumet
Mr. Schneider
John O'Leary
Put Blake
Hildy Parks
Nurse Catherine
Lidia Prochnicka
The Baroness
Polly Rowles
Mrs. Andrews
Douglas Rutherford
Mr. Prothero
Truman Smith
Mr. Bergler
Loretta White
Mrs. Eastlake
Arthur Anderson
Pokey's Husband (John Beauchamp)
Ron Charles
Dr. Jones
Richard Graham
Rev. Garland
Edward Holmes
Mr. MacAusland