Hang 'Em High


Ted Post

Another western for Mr. Eastwood on the back of his successful Dollars trilogy with Sergio Leone. He is hung for a crime he didn't commit and left to die by a lynching party led by Ed Begley. But unbeknownst to them, he is rescued from the brink of death at the last moment and sets out for revenge on those responsible.
Average Eastwood caper in a genre he really needed to break away from, which he (almost) did with his next venture, Coogan's Bluff (1968).

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31st July 1968

Hang 'Em High
5th June 2001


Clint Eastwood
Jed Cooper
Inger Stevens
Rachel Warren
Ed Begley
Captain Wilson
Pat Hingle
Territorial Judge Adam Fenton
Ben Johnson
Marshal Dave Bliss
Charles McGraw
Red Creek Sheriff Ray Calhoun
Ruth White
Madame 'Peaches' Sophie
Bruce Dern
Alan Hale Jr.
Matt Stone
Arlene Golonka
Jennifer (The Prostitute)
James Westerfield
Prisoner/6 Man Hanging
Dennis Hopper
The Prophet
L.Q. Jones
M. Loomis, Cooper Hanging Party
Michael O'Sullivan
Francis Elroy Duffy, Prisoner 6 Man
Joseph Sirola
Reno, Cooper Hanging Party
James MacArthur
The Preacher
Bob Steele
Jenkins/Higgins, Cooper Hanging Party
Bert Freed
Schmidt, the Hangman
Russell Thorson
Mr. Maddow, Cooper Hanging Party
Ned Romero
Charlie Blackfoot, Cooper Hanging Party
Jonathan Goldsmith
(as Jonathan Lippe)
Rick Gates
Ben, Rustler 6 Man Hanging
Bruce Scott
Billy Joe, Rustler 6 Man Hanging
Mark Lenard
Bill Zuckert
Hal England
Search Party
Herbert Ellis
Joel Fluellen
Prison Wagon Driver
Jack Ging
Marshal Hayes
Tod Andrews
Defense Attorney
Richard Angarola
Larry J. Blake
Drinking Spectator-to-be
Barry Cahill
John Cochran
Dennis Dengate
Tony DiMilo
Roy Glenn
Richard Guizon
Robert Jones
Paul Sorensen
Ted Thorpe
John Wesley
Robert B. Williams
Elwood, Saloon Patron

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