The Haunted Strangler

Grip of the Strangler


Robert Day
Amalgamated Productions
Production Company

Novelist investigating the twenty-year old Haymarket Strangler case slowly comes to realize that he is the actual culprit.

The closest Karloff came to playing Jekyll and Hyde, and he is quite excellent. A surprisingly competent little film with notable streaks of misogyny and sado-masochism running through it. The real core is an indictment of both Victorian hypocrisy and the pat decisions of psychoanalysis. No one in the film, especially Dawson's police inspector (who is so dim he could give Lestrade a good race), Turner's psychobabble spouting assistant and Aubrey's idiot daughter, seems capable of believing Karloff is the murderer, even though he is clearly a raving lunatic. But he is a gentleman, and gentlemen don't do nasty things like strangle and slash to death women, do they?

And gas lighting is probably not a good idea for an asylum cell. Just saying.

-Dave W.

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The Haunted Strangler
23rd May 1958

81 mins

Grip of the Strangler
24th October 1958

78 mins

21st July 1998


Boris Karloff
James Rankin
Jean Kent
Cora Seth
Elizabeth Allan
Barbara Rankin
Anthony Dawson
Superintendent Burk
Vera Day
Tim Turner
Dr. Kenneth McColl
Diane Aubrey
Lily Rankin
Max Brimmell
Newgate Prison Turnkey
Leslie Perrins
Newgate Prison Governor
Jessica Cairns
Asylum Maid
Dorothy Gordon
Desmond Roberts
Dr. Johnson
Roy Russell
Medical Superintendent
Derek Birch
Guy's Hospital Superintendent
Peggy Ann Clifford
John Fabian
Young Blood
Joan Elvin
Head Can-Can Girl
Brian Sunners
Man Hawking Paper at Hanging
George Spence
Hangman (uncredited)
Michael Atkinson
Edward Styles
Jimmy Charters
Man at Hanging
Unknown 8125-02
Man at Hanging
Unknown 8125-03
Woman at Hanging
Unknown 8125-04
Butcher at Hanging
Unknown 8125-05
Woman at Hanging
Audrey Sykes
Laughing Old Lady at Hanging
Conchita Macaulay
Whore in Window at Hanging
Unknown 8125-07
Man at Hanging
Arthur Hall
Newgate Governor at Hanging
Harry Brunning
Prison Chaplain
George Hirste
Lost Property Man
Victor Harrington
Judas Hole Patron
Jeremy Young
Judas Hole Waiter
(miscredited on IMDb as Asylum Guard)
Stan Simmons
Guard with Whip
Anthony Lang
Guard Taking Down Prisoner
Unknown 8125-12
Whipped Prisoner
Leonard Sharp
George, Judas Hole Waiter
Unknown 8125-15
Doctor with Johnson
Robert Day
Asylum Van Driver (Director's Cameo)
Arthur Mullard
Asylum Attendant
John G. Heller
Asylum Attendant
Arthur Mason
Asylum Attendant
Peter Perkins
Asylum Attendant (Jack Billings)
Unknown 8125-17
Police Constable
Unknown 8125-18
Police Constable
Yvonne Buckingham
Whore (uncredited)
Marie Devereux
Bit Part (uncredited)

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