April Fool's Day


Fred Walton
Production Company

A group of people are invited to their college friends' secluded island for the weekend during Spring break, but no sooner than they arrive, an unseen killer starts picking them off one-by-one.
Brought to you by the makers of the Friday The 13th series, this is highly original and entertaining. If you don't want to know the great twist ending then I advise you do not read the Wikipedia link, which basically spoils everything in terms of plot detail.

There was a TV movie with the same name released in 1997 and a straight-to-video release in 2008; neither were much good.

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Jay Baker
Harvey 'Hal' Edison Jr.
Deborah Foreman
Muffy St. John
Deborah Goodrich
Nikki Brashears
Ken Olandt
Rob Ferris
Griffin O'Neal
Leah Pinsent
Nan Youngblood
Clayton Rohner
Chaz Vyshinsky
Amy Steel
Kit Graham
Thomas F. Wilson
Arch Cummings
Pat Barlow
Lloyd Berry
Tom Heaton
Constable Potter / Uncle Frank
Mike Nomad

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