The Hidden Room


Edward Dmytryk
Independent Sovereign Films

Psychiatrist Newton is tired of his wife's many affairs, and plans the perfect revenge against her latest lover. There's this little dog, though, and a mild-mannered man from Scotland Yard. . .

Wonderful crime film, with excellent performances all around. Those who only know Newton as Long John Silver would do well to watch this film and see what a fine, nuanced actor he could be. While not spoiling the ending, perhaps the best thing about this film is that all the protagonists seem to learn and grow from their experiences. This is rare enough in any film, but in a thriller, it's wonderfully unexpected and welcome. Very highly recommended.

-Dave W.

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28th July 1949

96 mins

The Hidden Room
8th January 1950

96 mins

Robert Newton
Dr. Clive Riordan
Sally Gray
Storm Riordan
Naunton Wayne
Superintendent Finsbury
Phil Brown
Bill Kronin
Ronald Adam
Dogmatic Type Clubman
Michael Balfour
1st American Sailor
Betty Cooper
Miss Stevens, Riordan's Receptionist
James Harcourt
Aitkin, Riordan's Butler
Roddy Hughes
Meek and Mild Type Clubman
Allan Jeayes
Colonel Blimp Type Clubman
Olga Lindo
Mrs. Humphries
Russell Waters
Flying Squad Detective
Lyonel Watts
Dogmatic Type Clubman
(as Lionel Watts)
Monty the Dog
Monty, Storm's Dog
Sam Kydd
Liberal Club Waiter
Albert Chevalier
Liberal Club Porter
Robert Cawdron
Finsbury's Driver
Edward Dmytryk
(accidental director's cameo-
reflected in passing car)
Guy Kingsley Poynter
2nd American Sailor
Edward Platt
3rd American Sailor
Trevor Denis
Police Constable Who Finds Riordan's Car
James Knight
Police Surgeon
Stanley Baker
Flying Squad Driver
Ernest Clark
Undetermined Role
Bob Elson
Finsbury's Servant
C.M. Pennington-Richards
Undetermined Role

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