Hungry Hill


Brian Desmond Hurst
Two Cities Films
Production Company

Generational feud between two families in Ireland over a copper mine on the title property.

Lavishly made, well-acted, but comes across as very forced and soap opera-ish. The paper-thin characterizations (Brodricks all greedy snobs, Donovans all ignorant and semi-feral) don’t help at all. I reluctantly have to agree with the contemporary New York Times reviewer, who called it "ponderous."

Note: IMDb credits Ingrid Forrest as "Nora," but there is no such credit listing, nor character by that name. Also, James Robertson Justice and Hazel Court are listed as uncredited, but if they are there, they are far in the background. More likely, they were considered but not cast.

-Dave W.

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by Daphne du Maurier

7th January 1947

92 mins

5th October 1947

92 mins

Margaret Lockwood
Fanny Rosa
Margaret Lockwood
Fanny Rosa
Dennis Price
'Greyhound' John Brodrick
Cecil Parker
'Copper' John Brodrick
Michael Denison
Henry Brodrick
F.J. McCormick
Old Tim
Arthur Sinclair
Morty Donovan
Jean Simmons
Jane Brodrick
Eileen Crowe
Eileen Herlie
Barbara Waring
Barbara Brodrick
Michael Golden
Sam Donovan
Shamus Locke
Young Tim
Siobhan McKenna
Kate Donovan
(as Sioban McKenna)
Dan O'Herlihy
Harry Brodrick
Tony Quinn
Denny Donovan
Tony Wager
Young Wild Johnnie
(as Anthony Wager)
Hector MacGregor
Nicholson, Mine Foreman
(as Hector McGregor)
Henry Mollison
Dr. Armstrong
Pete Murray
Lieutenant Fox
(as Peter Murray)
Dermot Walsh
Wild Johnnie Brodrick
Ann Wilton
Cousin Eliza
Dock Mathieson
Micky Sullivan
Patrick Holt
(as Pat Parsons)
Guy Rolfe
Miner Asking About Lightfoot
Shelah Richards
Mary Donovan
Eddie Byrne
Maureen Moore
Mrs. Morty Donovan
Unknown 9040
Fanny's Suitor
(Basil Appleby?)
Unknown 9040
Fanny's Suitor
Unknown 9040
Fanny's Friend
Henry Caine
Cornish Storeman
Bryan Herbert
Miner With Gunpowder
Unknown 9040
Miner with Gunpowder
Unknown 9040
Peter Perkins
Brodrick Employee Defending Mine
Laurence Byrne
Brian, Terence Delany's Son
Steve Donohue
First Copper Thief
Alois Irish
Second Copper Thief
Paddy Brannigan
Third Copper Thief
Richard Jenner
Michael Donovan
Unknown 9040
Lady Guest being Corseted
Unknown 9040
Lady Guest
Michael Gwynn
Robert Cawdron
Adrian Evans
Harry, aged 5
Jacqueline Summers
Barbara, age 2 1/2
William Kemplen
Wild Johnnie, aged 6
Julia Lockwood
Fanny's Daughter - Age 4
E.J. Kennedy
Dennis Wyndham
Trapped Miner Using Hammer
Jim Brady
Miner Placing Gunpowder in Cave
Richard Thomas
Young Sam Donovan
Ann Batchelor
Young Katie Donovan
Unknown 9040
Pat, Barman
Unknown 9040
Man in Pub
Unknown 9040
Casino Employee
Unknown 9040
Angry Miner
(Wilfrid Brambell?)
Daniel Brown
Angry Miner
Nita Moyce
First Maid
Rhona Sykes
Second Maid
Pamela Roberts
Third Maid
Rosemary Treston
Fourth Maid
Pat McGrath
New Groom
Dennis Loraine
Fanny Rosa's Groom
Desmond O'Neill
Timothy Tufnell
Richard West
Hazel Court
Undetermined Minor Role
James Robertson Justice
Undetermined Minor Role

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