Stephen King's It


Tommy Lee Wallace

An assortment of alienated kids befriend eachother and take on the local bully and then the local demon. As adults they find they have to pool their resources once more to fight their old foe.

The cast of kids and adults are great, in fact I can't think of any other movie where this is pulled off so well. Jonathan Brandis and Emily Perkins stand out in the younger crew as do their older incarnations in Richard Thomas and Annette O'Toole.

Tim Curry's malevolent clown steals every scene.

Alas, the whole is let down by a lame monster finale - a fault with the source material as well - but even worse when realised on the screen.

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1st October 2002


Harry Anderson
Richie Tozier
Dennis Christopher
Eddie Kaspbrak
Richard Masur
Stanley Uris
Annette O'Toole
Beverly Marsh
Tim Reid
Michael Hanlon
John Ritter
Ben Hanscom
Richard Thomas
Bill Denborough
Tim Curry
Jonathan Brandis
Bill Denborough (Age 12)
Brandon Crane
Ben Hanscom (Age 12)
Adam Faraizl
Eddie Kaspbrak (Age 12)
Seth Green
Richie Tozier (Age 12)
Ben Heller
Stanley Uris (Age 12)
Emily Perkins
Beverly Marsh (Age 12)
Marlon Taylor
Michael Hanlon (Age 12)
Olivia Hussey
Audra Phillips Denbrough
Michael Cole
Henry Bowers
Sheila Moore
Mrs Sonya Kaspbrak
Jarred Blancard
Henry Bowers (Age 14)
Florence Paterson
Mrs Gray Kersh
Jay Brazeau
Taxi Driver
Drum Garrett
Reginald 'Belch' Huggins
Gabe Khouth
Patrick Hockstetter
Ryan Michael
Tom Rogan
Charles Siegel
Venus Terzo
Frank C. Turner
Alvin Marsh
Caitlin Hicks
Patti Blum Uris
Tony Dakota
Georgie Denbrough
Steven Hilton
Zack Denbrough
Sheelah Megill
Sharon Denbrough
Kim Kondrashoff
Noel Geer
Bradley Douglas
Chelan Simmons
Laurie Ann Winterbarger
Merrilyn Gann
Mrs Winterbarger
William B. Davis
Mr Gedreau
Susan Astley
Aunt Jean
Claire Brown
Mrs Arlene Hanscomb
Garry Chalk
PE Coach
Terence Kelly
Officer Nell
Donna Peerless
Mrs Douglas
Steve Makaj
Mr Hanscomb
Scott Swanson
Nicola Cavendish
Convenience Store Clerk
Tom Heaton
Norbert Keene
Paul Batten
Russell Roberts
Bill Croft
Amos Hertzman
Fat School Student
Boyd Norman
Gas Station attendant
Helena Yea
Hostess Rose
Suzie Payne
Taxi Driver
Megan Leitch
Sally, Library Aide
Deva Neil DePodesta
Katherine Banwell
TV announcer
Douglas Newell
Hospital Doctor
Laura Harris
Gary Hetherington
Police Deputy