It's a Date


William A. Seiter

Mother and daughter vy for coveted stage roles, a businessman vys for their affections...

Light weight musical drama with the odd comedic interlude gives Francis and Durbin the opportunity to belt out a few numbers, the latter gives Ave Maria a good work out at the finale. A bit of business with Fritz Feld as a waiter who has been instructed to give Pidgeon an excuse to leave the restaurant, who then doesn't WANT to leave has popped up in other places, Coupling for example.

Film only released in Portugal on DVD.

22nd March 1940

Deanna Durbin
Pamela Drake
Kay Francis
Georgia Drake
Walter Pidgeon
John Arlen
Eugene Pallette
Governor Allen
Henry Stephenson
Captain Andrew
Cecilia Loftus
Sara Frankenstein
Samuel S. Hinds
Sidney Simpson
Lewis Howard
Freddie Miller
S.Z. Sakall
Karl Ober
Fritz Feld
Virginia Brissac
Miss Holden
Romaine Callender
Joe King
First Mate Kelly
Mary Kelley
Governor's Wife
Eddie Polo
Quarter Master
Harry Owens
Himself - Leader of Harry Owens and His Royal Hawaiians
Eddie Acuff
Ship's Steward
Mark Anthony
John Arledge
Newcomer on Ship
Leon Belasco
Captain of Waiters
John Daheim
Sleepy-Eyed Man
Linda Deane
Young Girl
Anna Demetrio
Gertie - the Cook
Virginia Engels
Young Girl
Jennifer Gray
Cable Office Girl
Anne Gwynne
Society Girl
Kenner G. Kemp
Party Extra
Charles Lane
Mr. Horner
Eddie Lee
Rookie - Captain Andrew's Servant
Fay McKenzie
Young Girl
Louis Natheaux
Party Guest at Buffet Table
David Oliver
Randy Oness
Singer in Harry Owens and His Royal Hawaiians
Suzanne Ridgeway
Party Extra
William Ruhl
Ship's Officer
Phyllis Ruth
Young Girl
Mary Shannon
Wardrobe Mistress
Landers Stevens
Business Executive in Arlen's Office
Harry Owens and His Royal Hawaiians
Dora Clement
Stewardess (scenes deleted)
Milton Kibbee
Sailor (scenes deleted)