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Passed on Friday, Jul 12 2019
Dick Boccelli

Released on Friday, Jul 12 2019
Crawl (2019)CinemaUSA

Aired on Friday, Jul 12 2019
0000Weather for the Week AheadDetailed weather forecast. [S]
0005Weather for the Week AheadBBC One joins the BBC's rolling news channel for a night of news. [S]
0010BBC NewsBBC One joins the BBC's rolling news channel for a night of news. [S]
1345WimbledonSue Barker presents continued live coverage of men's semi-finals day
2030EastEndersMitch gets one over on Gray, and Stuart hatches a plan to ensure his brother's wedding goes off without a hitch
2100Still Game3/6
2130Mrs Brown's Boys1/6
2235Killing Eve5/8
0015Unwanted: The Secret......Windrush Files. David Olusoga opens secret government files to show how the Windrush scandal and the 'hostile environment' for black British immigrants has been 70 years in the making. [S,AD,SL]
0115War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita1/3. Every minute the equivalent of a truck full of plastic is emptied into the world's oceans. In this episode Hugh and Anita look at where the problem is coming from and how to solve it. [S,AD,SL]
0215This is BBC TwoHighlights of programmes BBC Two.
1100WimbledonCoverage of play from the Wimbledon championships
1230WimbledonSue Barker presents live coverage of the men's semi-finals
1800WimbledonContinued coverage from the All England Club. [S]
Channel 4
0010Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USAGordon visits Bazzini restaurant in New Jersey. Owner Paul Bazzini is an award-winning chef who decided to run his own restaurant but didn't realise how difficult the challenge would be.
0100Master(2012) Oscar-nominated period drama. Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman play an alcoholic and the leader of a religious cult who become close friends. Very strong language/sex. [SL]
0540CountdownNick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers
0615CheersThe Magnificent Six
0620CheersThe Magnificent Six
0645CheersDo Not Forsake Me, O My Postman
0710King of QueensRoad Rayge
0735King of QueensSupermarket Story
0800Everybody Loves RaymondDebra's Sick
0830Everybody Loves RaymondWho's Handsome?
0900FrasierParty, Party
0930FrasierSweet Dreams
1600Place in the SunDenise and best pal Karen have enlisted the help of Jonnie Irwin to find the perfect holiday home for Denise and her beloved Jack Russell around Guardamar del Segura on the Costa Blanca
1800SimpsonsHomer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words
1830HollyoaksGoldie jumps at the chance of helping Joel with his new project
0000Mock the WeekDara O Briain, Hugh Dennis and Andy Parsons toast ten years of satirical sideswipes with guests Katherine Ryan and Josh Widdicombe. Sepp Blatter provides ample material. S14 Ep1
0040Have I Got a Bit More News for YouAngela Eagle MP and Phil Wang join Paul Merton and Ian Hislop to discuss the general election, the DUP and hearing-boosting cheese. Adil Ray hosts the satirical news quiz. S53 Ep9
0135Live at the ApolloSettle down for more stand-up fun from the Hammersmith Apollo. Sarah Millican introduces sets from two of comedy's biggest stars, Joe Lycett and Russell Kane. S10 Ep1
0240Judge RomeshJudge Romesh presides over a batch of hilarious cases - including a husband whose horrendous bargain hunting addiction is becoming detrimental to his wife and kids. S1 Ep1
0325Mock the WeekDara O Briain, Hugh Dennis and Andy Parsons toast ten years of satirical sideswipes with guests Katherine Ryan and Josh Widdicombe
0010Big Bang TheoryThe Earworm Reverberation
0040Brooklyn Nine-NineBureau
0110Brooklyn Nine-NineGreg and Larry
0145Rick and Morty [adult swim]Brand new series - The Rickshank Rickdemption
0210Robot Chicken [adult swim]Hey I Found Another Sock
0225Robot Chicken [adult swim]Scoot to the Gute
0240Other TwoBrand new series - Chase Drops His First Album
0300Good PlaceBrand new series - Janet and Michael
0325Big Bang TheoryThe Hot Tub Contamination
0345Big Bang TheoryThe Fetal Kick Catalyst
0405Brooklyn Nine-NineBrand new series - Return of the King
0430Brooklyn Nine-NineBureau
0450Brooklyn Nine-NineGreg and Larry
0515How I Met Your MotherHopeless
0600HollyoaksSte tries to come between Harry and James, while Sylver doesn't trust Mercedes
0630HollyoaksJonny and Stuart continue to pull Ste's strings, while James is horrified by his own behaviour
0700How I Met Your MotherLandmarks
0730How I Met Your MotherChallenge Accepted
1000Big Bang TheoryThe Veracity Elasticity
1030Big Bang TheoryThe Brain Bowl Incubation
1100Brooklyn Nine-NineCrime and Punishment
1130Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Big House Part 1
1200Young SheldonDolomite, Apple Slices, and a Mystery Woman
1230Young SheldonKiller Asteroids, Oklahoma, and a Frizzy Hair Machine
1300Big Bang TheoryThe Wheaton Recurrence
1330Big Bang TheoryThe Spaghetti Catalyst
1500Brooklyn Nine-NineGame Night
1530Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Favor
1600black-ishAny Given Saturday
1630black-ishBlack Nanny
1700Young SheldonA Crisis of Faith and Octopus Aliens
1730Young SheldonA Financial Secret and Fish Sauce
1800Big Bang TheoryThe Irish Pub Formulation
1830Big Bang TheoryThe Apology Insufficiency
1900HollyoaksLiam and Mercedes know the identity of their blackmailer, so Liam comes to a drastic decision
1930black-ishWhat Lies Beneath
2000Big Bang TheoryThe Recollection Dissipation
2030Big Bang TheoryThe Separation Agitation
0000Family GuyA Hero Sits Next Door. Peter knocks out the best player on the company's softball team. His search for a replacement proves difficult, until a new neighbour shows his credentials. (S1, Ep5)
0030Family GuyThe Son Also Draws. The family travel to New York to try to get Chris back in the scouts when he gets kicked out. But when they stop at a casino, Lois bets away the family car. (S1, Ep6)
0100American DaDon't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth - When Francine demands that Stan get rid of his gas-guzzling SUV, he hatches a plan with Roger. (S6, Ep10)
0130American DaA Jones for a Smith - Stan criticises liberal social programmes, but when he develops an addiction he suddenly has a change of heart. (S6, Ep11)
0200Family GuyChitty Chitty Death Bang. It's Stewie's first birthday and he believes the man in white is coming to force him back into the womb. Meanwhile, Meg unknowingly joins a cult. (S1, Ep3)
0230Family GuyMind Over Murder. Peter is under house arrest after punching a pregnant woman. He builds a bar in the basement for his friends, but the bar turns into a singing venue for Lois. (S1, Ep4)
0300Family GuyRatings Guy - On a Halloween-themed night, the Griffins are selected to be a Nielsen family and have their television viewing habits monitored
0400MonkMr Monk Joins a Cult
0800MonkMr Monk Goes to the Bank
0900BonesThe Twist in the Twister
1000BullStockholm Syndrome
1100NCISWhat Lies Above
1200BonesThe Crack in the Code
1300BonesThe Prisoner in the Pipe
1400MentalistMy Blue Heaven
1600BullThe Fall
1700BonesThe Bump in the Road
1800MentalistGreen Thumb
1900NCISThe Wall
2000NCISA Bowl of Cherries
0155Two Pints of Lager......and a Packet of Crisps. Homeless and Horny
0225InterviewsPetter Cook and Dudley Moore
0335Piglet FilesUndercover Activity
0715Piglet FilesA Private Member's Bill
0740Piglet FilesUnder New Management
0805Sharp Intake of BreathHappy Motoring
1020Last of the Summer WineThe Only Diesel-Powered Saxophone in Captivity
1100Last of the Summer WinePerfection
1140Last of the Summer WineNowhere Particular
1335Are You Being Served?No Sale
1415Open All HoursThe New Suit
1500Only Fools and HorsesHomesick
1540Last of the Summer WineThe Only Diesel-Powered Saxophone in Captivity
1620Last of the Summer WinePerfection
1700Last of the Summer WineNowhere Particular
1740Are You Being Served?No Sale
1900MirandaThree Little Words
1940Open All HoursThe New Suit
2020Only Fools and HorsesHomesick
2100MirandaA Brief Encounter
2135Mrs Brown's BoysSuperMammy
2140Mrs Brown's BoysSuperMammy
2215Mrs Brown's BoysMammy's Going
2220Mrs Brown's BoysMammy's Going
2300Mrs Brown's BoysNew Mammy
0010TenableWarwick Davis hosts the quiz show based on top ten lists. A team of five air traffic controllers attempt to walk away with a big cash prize. S2 Ep12
0100Cycling: Tour de France......Highlights 2019. Stage 6
0150James Martin's French AdventureSt Tropez
1230Loose WomenJoin the Loose Women panellists as they interview celebrity guests and discuss the day's most topical issues, from current affairs to celebrity gossip and the latest showbiz news
1700ChaseBradley Walsh hosts the show where thousands of pounds are at stake
1900EmmerdaleDebbie offers a second chance
1930Coronation StreetNick and David learn their fate in court
0005American Dad!The Vacation Goo
0035Hey TraceyMatt Edmondson, Sair Khan, Sam Thompson, Kem Cetinay, Desiree Burch and Scarlett Moffatt try to win some normal people 2,500 pounds and a lifetime supply of Radox. Ep4
0120Two and a Half MenHere I Come, Pants!
0150Two and a Half MenFor Whom The Booty Calls
0800EmmerdaleRobert becomes despondent following recent events
0830EmmerdaleAndrea lends a sympathetic ear
0925Ellen DeGeneres ShowRami Malek talks to the host about playing Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, and six-year-old geography expert Nate Seltzer returns
1210EmmerdaleRobert becomes despondent following recent events
1245EmmerdaleAndrea lends a sympathetic ear
1345Ellen DeGeneres ShowEddie Redmayne chats about reprising his role of Newt Scamander for Fantastic Beasts
2000Two and a Half MenA Beer-Battered Rip-Off
2030Two and a Half MenBoompa Loved His H*****s
2250Family GuyLois Comes Out of Her Shell
2320Family GuyFamily Guy Viewer Mail 2
2350American Dad!Frannie 911
0005Inspector MorseThe Secret of Bay 5b
0215ITV3 NightscreenText-based information service.
0650HeartbeatMother of Invention
0750Murder, She WrotePortrait of Death
0845On the BusesThe Perfect Clippie
0920On the BusesThe Ticket Machine
0950George and MildredThe Little Dog Laughed
1020Agatha Christie's Marple4
1225HeartbeatLiving Off the Land
1600Agatha Christie's MarpleA Murder Is Announced
1800Downton AbbeyMary is introduced to a potential suitor, but she thinks he is too old and stuffy
1900Murder, She WroteDeadly Assets
2330Foyle's WarBleak Midwinter
0005FYI DailyLatest news from the world of entertainment.
0010American SniperAction drama based on a true story and starring Bradley Cooper, 2014. A Navy SEAL sniper with legendary accuracy struggles to adjust to civilian life after his last tour of duty.
0145ProfessionalsYou'll Be Alright
0240ITV4 NightscreenText-based information service.
0605ChaseQuiz show hosted by Bradley Walsh
0655ProfessionalsYou'll Be Alright
0755KojakLast Rites for a Dead Priest
1655ProfessionalsDiscovered in a Graveyard
1755SweeneyLatin Lady
0150Star Trek: The Next GenerationJourney's End
0250Star Trek: The Next GenerationFirstborn
0600Star Trek: VoyagerCaretaker - Part 1
0700Star Trek: VoyagerCaretaker - Part 2
1100AtlantisThe Queen Must Die
1500Stargate: AtlantisHome
1600Star Trek: VoyagerInside Man
1700Star Trek: VoyagerBody and Soul
1800Star Trek: The Next GenerationThe Child
1900Star Trek: The Next GenerationWhere Silence Has Lease
2000Stargate: AtlantisThe Storm