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Mark Dightam

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Released on Tuesday, Aug 18 1959
I'm All Right Jack (1959)CinemaUK

Now Showing Tuesday, Aug 18 1959
Casino, London
Seven Wonders of the World
Dominion, London
South Pacific

UK Chart
Friday, Aug 14 1959
Living DollCliff Richard1
The Battle Of New OrleansLonnie Donegan2
Dream LoverBobby Darin3
Lipstick On Your CollarConnie Francis4
A Big Hunk O' LoveElvis Presley5
A Teenager In LoveMarty Wilde6
Lonely BoyPaul Anka7
RouletteRuss Conway8
The Heart Of A ManFrankie Vaughan9
PersonalityAnthony Newley10
Ragtime Cowboy JoeDavid Seville & The Chipmunks11
Peter GunnDuane Eddy12
SomeoneJohnny Mathis13
Only SixteenCraig Douglas14
I KnowPerry Como15
It's LateRicky Nelson16
Goodbye Jimmy, GoodbyeRuby Murray17
Twixt Twelve And TwentyPat Boone18
Tallahassee LassieFreddy Cannon19
Tallahassee LassieTommy Steele20

US Chart
Monday, Aug 17 1959
A Big Hunk O' LoveElvis Presley1
There Goes My BabyThe Drifters2
Lavender-BlueSammy Turner4
Lonely BoyPaul Anka5
What'd I Say (Part I)Ray Charles6
The Three BellsThe Browns7
What A Diff'rence A Day MakesDinah Washington8
Just A Little Too MuchRicky Nelson9
Forty Miles Of Bad RoadDuane Eddy10
My Wish Came TrueElvis Presley12
The Battle Of New OrleansJohnny Horton13
Here Comes SummerJerry Keller14
It Was ISkip and Flip15
What Is Love?The Playmates16
WaterlooStonewall Jackson17
Sweeter Than YouRicky Nelson18
Thank You Pretty BabyBrook Benton19
Lipstick On Your CollarConnie Francis20