Hide And Seek

Saturday, 13th September 1986
 8:00 pm BBC1

Series 1, Episode 2

A young girl arrives on A&E after being knocked unconscious by a passing train. Her half-sister alerts the ambulance and accompanies her to Holby but refuses to talk as to the reasons behind the apparent attempted suicide attempt; but some clever coercion from staff member Clive King uncovers a family issue which could have been the cause. Meanwhile, a spot-check at the hospital by a member of the DHSS uncovers some interesting information when porter Kuba Trzcinski speaks without thinking.

Saturday, 13th September 1986BBC12000CasualtyHide And Seek
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Bernard Gallagher
Ewart Plimmer
Derek Thompson
Charlie Fairhead
Brenda Fricker
Megan Roach
Julia Watson
Barbara 'Baz' Samuels
George Harris
Clive King
Christopher Rozycki
Kuba Trzcinski
Debbie Roza
Susie Mercier
Catherine Shipton
Lisa 'Duffy' Duffin
Robert Pugh
Andrew Ponting
Lisa Bowerman
Sandra Mute
Colin Fisher
David Simeon
Bob Bates
Zelah Clarke
Ruth White
Alan Coveney
Andrew Hall
Karen Seers
Debbie Clark
Sophie Millard
Jackie Clark
Christopher Ashley
Mr. Clark
Niven Boyd
Phil Jessop
Sonia Woolley
Roz Plimmer

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