Night Runners

Saturday, 20th September 1986

Series 1, Episode 3

When a teenage football fan is found with wounds within short proximity of a badly-wounded police officer, the finger of suspicion begins to point in his direction. Meanwhile, a woman is admitted onto the ward who refuses medical treatment due to her strict belief in Christian Science.

Bernard Gallagher
Ewart Plimmer
Derek Thompson
Charlie Fairhead
Brenda Fricker
Megan Roach
Julia Watson
Barbara 'Baz' Samuels
George Harris
Clive King
Christopher Rozycki
Kuba Trzcinski
Debbie Roza
Susie Mercier
Catherine Shipton
Lisa 'Duffy' Duffin
Robert Pugh
Andrew Ponting
Lisa Bowerman
Sandra Mute
Paul Moriarty
Ray Blackwell
Graham Fletcher-Cook
Kevin Blackwell
John Flanagan
Det Sgt Fox
Patsy Smart
Yvonne Gidden
Mrs. Sharpe
Patrick Pearce
Yvonne French
Janet Amsbury
Tuesday Anne Sherborne

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