Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Santa Claus And The Tenth Avenue Kid

Sunday, 18th December 1955
 9:30 pm CBS

Don Weis

Series 1, Episode 12

A convict on parole is offered the job of an in-store Santa. When he meets a young boy who desires a toy aeroplane, the new Santa makes sure he gets it... even at the risk of breaking his parole.

Sunday, 18th December 1955CBS2130Alfred Hitchcock PresentsSanta Claus And The Tenth Avenue Kid

Alfred Hitchcock
Himself - Host
Barry Fitzgerald
Harold 'Stretch' Sears
Virginia Gregg
Miss Clementine Webster
Bobby Clark
The 10th Avenue Kid
Arthur Space
Mr. Chambers - Parole Officer
Justice Watson
Mr. Shaw -Store Manager
Norman Willis
Man with Toy Plane
Betty Harford
Alan Reynolds
Police Sgt.
Mimi Gibson
First Little Girl in Line To See Santa
Tyler McVey
Security Guard

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