The Invaders
The Betrayed

Tuesday, 28th March 1967
 8:30 pm ABC

Tuesday, 28th March 1967ABC2030InvadersThe Betrayed

Roy Thinnes
David Vincent
Laura Devon
Susan Carver
Nancy Wickwire
Evelyn Bowers
Norman Fell
Neal Taft
Ed Begley
Simon Carver
Bill Fletcher
First Alien
Victor Brandt
Joey Taft
Ivan Bonar
Older Alien
Joel Fluellen
Butler Henry
Gilchrist Stuart
(as Gil Stuart)
Garrison True
Young Doctor
Ron Stokes
Alien at Controls
Max Kleven
Third Alien
Tom McDonough
Dick Wesson
Introductory Narrator (voice)
William Woodson
Narrator (voice)

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