The Invaders
The Peacemaker

Tuesday, 6th February 1968
10:00 pm ABC

Tuesday, 6th February 1968ABC2200InvadersThe Peacemaker

Roy Thinnes
David Vincent
Phyllis Thaxter
Sarah Concannon
Lin McCarthy
Colonel Archie Harmon
Alfred Ryder
Ryder (Invader Leader)
Kent Smith
Edgar Scoville
James Daly
General Samuel Arlington Concannon
Jan Merlin
Pat Cardi
Bill Concannon
Craig Huebing
Larry Thor
Dr. Bill Jacobs
Byron Keith
General Cullenbine
Jack Bannon
Junior Officer
Ed Deemer
Air Policeman
United States Capitol
United States Capitol
Dick Wesson
Introductory Narrator (voice)
William Woodson
Narrator (voice)

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