The Goodies
Playgirl Club

Sunday, 29th November 1970
10:00 pm BBC2

Sunday, 29th November 1970BBC22200GoodiesCaught in the Act

Tim Brooke-Taylor
Tim Brooke-Taylor
Graeme Garden
Graeme Garden
Bill Oddie
Bill Oddie
Liz Fraser
Ms. Heifer
Mollie Sugden
Minister for Trade and Domestic Affairs
Queenie Watts
Pauline Devaney
(credit only)
Ericka Crowne
Bert Simms
GPO man
Ernest C. Jennings
GPO man
Vic Taylor
Russ Arness
Lynton Burns
Peter Daly
Rodney Cardiff
Barry Tobin
Jeremy Ranchev
David Gilchrist
Lionel Sansby
Susan Napier
Susan Morall
Jane Deady
Laurel Brown
Barbara Shackleton