Kraft Suspense Theatre
The Wine-Dark Sea

Thursday, 31st December 1964
10:00 pm NBC

Thursday, 31st December 1964NBC2200Kraft Suspense TheatreThe Wine-Dark Sea
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Roddy McDowall
Robert 'Professor' Benson
Myrna Fahey
Honora Malone
John Larkin
Foster Drake
David Sheiner
Martin Clay
Robert Ball
David 'Blinky' Hewitt
Grazia Narciso
Mama Coletti
Dick Wessel
Dusty (as Richard Wessel)
Steve Gravers
Lt. Thomas Fuller
Harriet E. MacGibbon
Agatha (as Harriet MacGibbon)
Robert Hogan
The 1st Cop
Bert Remsen
The 2nd Cop
Clegg Hoyt
The Desk Sergeant
Vic Perrin
David McMahon
The Jail Guard
David Fresco
Phil Tully
The 2nd Plainclothesman
Guy Wilkerson
Pop the Drunk