Masters of Horror
Deer Woman

Friday, 9th December 2005

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Walter High
Pool Player
Michael P. Northey
Peeing Trucker
Brian Benben
Det. Dwight Faraday
Anthony Griffith
Officer Jacob Reed
Johnny Destry
Trucker Witness
John Bear Curtis
Truckstop Owner
Alex Zahara
Det. Patterson
Maxine Miller
Dog Lady
John R. Taylor
Dead Donkey Man
Edmond Wong
Desk Cop
Sonja Bennett
Cinthia Moura
Deer Woman
Steve Archer
Business man
Ben Cotton
Theoretical Trucker
Lisa Marie Caruk
Theoretical Girl
Zoltan Buday
Pawn Shop Guy
Andy Thompson
Don Thompson
Det. Fuches
Julian Christopher
Chief Einhorn
Travis Dugas
Casino Manager
Jordan Mackay
Cocktail Waitress
Clint Andrew