Tales From the Crypt
The Man Who Was Death

Saturday, 10th June 1989

HBO Films
Production Company

Series 1, Episode 1

An executioner who enjoys his job a little more than he ought to suddenly finds himself out of work when the state abolishes the Death Penalty. So he takes matters into his own hands in bringing criminals to his way of justice little realising there has been a change of plan and the death penalty has now been reintroduced... and guess who is to be the first recipient?

William Sadler
Niles Talbot (as Bill Sadler)
J.W. Smith
Charley Ledbetter
Roy Brocksmith
David Wohl
Warden Havers
Gerrit Graham
Theodore Carne
Dani Minnick
Cynthia Baldwin
Tony Abatemarco
Mimi Kennedy
Distraught Woman
Robert Winley
Jimmy Flood
Eve Brent
Judge #1
Edgar Small
Judge #2
Mark Lowenthal
District Attorney
F.J. O'Neil
Raymond O'Connor
Jury Foreman
Jennifer Evans
Newscaster #1
Patti Yasutake
Newscaster #2
Al Allen
Attorney (as 'Al' M. Allen)
Kate Benton
Julie Ann Lucas
Second Waitress
Ed DeFusco
New Executioner
Laura Albert
Go-Go Dancer
John Kassir
Crypt Keeper
Johnnie Johnson III
D. David Morin
FBI Detective

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