The Lady in the Iron Mask

Tuesday, 1st October 1985
 9:00 pm ABC

Christopher Leitch
ABC Circle Films
Production Company
Picturemaker Productions
Production Company

Tuesday, 1st October 1985ABC2100MoonlightingThe Lady in the Iron Mask

Cybill Shepherd
Madelyn 'Maddie' Hayes
Bruce Willis
David Addison Jr.
Allyce Beasley
Agnes DiPesto
Judith Hansen
Barbara Wylie
Joel Polis
Frank Harbert
Dennis Christopher
Benjamin Wylie
Paul Willson
1st Hotel Desk Clerk
Howard Mann
Man on Elevator
Jim Doughan
2nd Hotel Desk Clerk
Richard Kuhlman
4th Police Officer
Wyatt Johnson
1st Police Officer
Doug Dupuy
2nd Police Officer
Stan Barnett
3rd Police Officer
Angelica Torres
Little Girl at Santa Junta Mission
C. Thomas Howell
Clumsy Waiter
Michael E. Dawdy
Blue Moon Employee
Simmons, Blue Moon Employee

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