The Bride of Tupperman

Tuesday, 14th January 1986
 9:00 pm ABC

ABC Circle Films
Production Company
Picturemaker Productions
Production Company

Tuesday, 14th January 1986ABC2100MoonlightingThe Bride of Tupperman
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Cybill Shepherd
Madelyn 'Maddie' Hayes
Bruce Willis
David Addison Jr.
Allyce Beasley
Agnes DiPesto
Nora Heflin
Molly Lewis
Deborah Wakeham
Lieux Dressler
Molly's Landlady
Sydney Lassick
Alan Tupperman's Neighbour
Guy Boyd
Alan Tupperman
Robina Suwol
Hotel desk clerk
Joe Howard
Bunny Summers
Woman on operating table
Sue Bugden
Ms. Vance, Maddie's 1st Bridal Candidate
Julie Hayek
Maddie's 2nd Bridal Candidate
Lorrie Marlow
Maddie's 3rd Bridal Candidate
Carole Tru Foster
Maddie's 4th Bridal Candidate
Jody Lee Olhava
Maddie's 5th Bridal Candidate
Bren McKinley
David's 1st Bridal Candidate
April Wayne
David's 2nd Bridal Candidate
Bob Tzudiker
Los Angeles Tribune employee
Jonathan Ames
Jergenson, Blue Moon Employee
Daniel Fitzpatrick
O'Neill, Blue Moon Employee
Kristine Kauffman
Kris, Blue Moon Employee
Colin Clive
Frankenstein (Archive footage from "The Bride of Frankenstein")
Boris Karloff
Frankenstein's Monster (Archive footage from "The Bride of Frankenstein")
Elsa Lanchester
Monster's Mate (Archive footage from "The Bride of Frankenstein")
Ernest Thesiger
Doctor Pretorius (Archive footage from "The Bride of Frankenstein")
Valerie Hobson
Elizabeth (Archive footage from "The Bride of Frankenstein")
Tammy Brewer
Bridal Candidate
Jensen Collier
Bridal Candidate
Christine Haber
Bridal Candidate
Kelly Hine
Bridal Candidate
Terri Lynn
Bridal Candidate
Darrah Meeley
Bridal Candidate
Chris Rennolds
Bridal Candidate
Larry Stewart

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