Mike Hammer, Private Eye
A New Leaf: Part 2

Sunday, 14th June 1998

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Stacy Keach
Mike Hammer
Shane Conrad
Nick Farrell
Shannon Whirry
Kent Williams
District Attorney Barry Lawrence
Peter Jason
Capt. Skip Gleason
Malgosia Tomassi
Maya Ricci
John Pleshette
Auggie Sterling
Whip Hubley
Loolie, Julius Llewellyn Sterling
Mathew St. Patrick
Marcus Aurelius Sterling
Rick Rossovich
Henry Spencer
Stephen Lee
Sheriff Delaboy
Stacy Keach Sr.
Judge Restivo (as Stacey Keach Sr.)
Gordon Jump
The General
Michael Panes
Earnie Nathan
Teresa Ganzel
Livia Sterling Randolph
Phyllis Katz
Mugsie, Margaret Baird Sterling
Katherine Moffat
Birdie Spencer
Laurence Lau
Adam Gifford
Deputy (as Adam G.)
Aloma Wright
Nanny Morgan
Nate Reese
Ross Borden
Nigel the Butler
Gary McMillan
Rebekah Chaney
The Face
Jack Riley
Puff Puff the bunny
Kirsten Holmquist
Arianna Chilton
Nikki Ziering