Inspector Morse
Second Time Around

Wednesday, 20th February 1991

Sunday, 11th August 2019ITV31500Inspector MorseSecond Time Around
Friday, 16th August 2019ITV30000Inspector MorseSecond Time Around
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Simon Adams
incontinent policeman
Adie Allen
Barbara Redpath
Ann Bell
Catherine Dawson
Maurice Bush
Charlie Hillian
Kenneth Colley
Chief Insp. Patrick Dawson
Oliver Ford Davies
Frederick Redpath
Mark Draper
angry policeman
Christopher Eccleston
Terrence Mitchell
James Grout
Chief Superintendent Strange
Pat Heywood
Mrs. Mitchell
Sam Kelly
Walter Majors
Liz Kettle
Russell Kilmister
John Mitchell
Jenny Laird
Mrs. Keelan
Helena McCarthy
Rose Lapsley
Peter Waddington