Bad Girls
Family Plan

Tuesday, 6th June 2000

Series 2, Episode 10

Denny and new inmate Shaz get themselves into some mischief, Julie J finds
a new use for a yogurt pot and Yvonne Atkins is confronted by someone from her past.

Notes & Screenshots: Lord Heath

Helen Fraser
Sylvia Hollamby
Victoria Alcock
Julie Saunders
Kika Mirylees
Julie Johnston
Debra Stephenson
Shell Dockley
Alicia Eyo
Denny Blood
Joe Shaw
Dominic McAllister
Isabelle Amyes
Barbara Hunt
David Case
Lindsey Fawcett
Shaz Wylie
Linda Henry
Yvonne Atkins
Claire King
Karen Betts
Alison Newman
Renee Williams
Rod Culbertson

Lord Heath: Notes & Screenshots