Bad Girls

Wednesday, 5th May 2004

Series 6, Episode 4

When a new Muslim prisoner makes a rooftop protest of her innoncence she is joined by fellow inmates, causing chaos to Larkhall.
And Jim Fenner, not content with walking stark naked through G-wing, goes one better by urinating over prisoners. He completely loses the plot big time!

Welcome to HMP Larkhall: Janan Hamad (inmate).

Notes & Screenshots: Lord Heath

Helen Fraser
Sylvia Hollamby
Victoria Alcock
Julie Saunders
Kika Mirylees
Julie Johnston
Jack Ellis
Jim Fenner
Janice Acquah
Nikki Amuka-Bird
Paula Miles
Amanda Barrie
Beverley Tull
Stephanie Beacham
Phyllida Oswyn
Victoria Bush
Tina O'Kane
Pauline Campbell
Al MacKenzie
Hebe Chitnis
Ishrat Hamad
Adam Christopher
Prison Officer Jenkins
Chrissie Cotterill
Sue Yates
Charlotte Lucas
Selena Geeson
Philip McGough
Dr. Malcolm Nicholson
Jennifer Ness
Kria Yates
Antonia Okonma
Darlene Cake
Gordon Peaston
Prison Officer Paddle
Eva Pope
Frances Myers
Tristan Sturrock
Colin Hedges
Meera Syal
Janan Hamad
Tracey Wilkinson
Di Barker

Lord Heath: Notes & Screenshots