World Wrestling Federation-Entertainment (WWF-WWE)
Survivor Series 1990

Thursday, 22nd November 1990

Production Company

Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

The fourth annual Survivor Series event which will be most remembered for the introduction of The Undertaker as a wrestler.

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Mark Calaway
The Undertaker (The Million-Dollar Team
Paul Centopani
Paul Roma (The Visionaries)
Ted DiBiase
Himself (The Million-Dollar Team)
Roy Farris
The Honky Tonk Man
Bret Hart
Himself (The Dream Team)
Curt Hennig
Mr. Perfect (The Perfect Team)
Ray Hernandez
Hercules (The Visionaries)
Hulk Hogan
Himself (The Hulkamaniacs team captain)
Marty Jannetty
Himself (The Vipers)
Rick Martel
Himself (The Visionaries)
Shawn Michaels
Himself (The Vipers)
Jim Neidhart
Himself (The Dream Team)
Roddy Piper
Bob Remus
Sgt. Slaughter
Dusty Rhodes
Himself (The Dream Team)
Jake Roberts
Himself (The Vipers)
Jimmy Snuka
Terry Szopinski
The Warlord (Visionaries)
Greg Valentine
Himself (The Million-Dollar Team)
Kerry von Erich
Himself (The Warriors)
Michael Hegstrand
Road Warrior Hawk (The Warriors)
James Hellwig
Himself (The Ultimate Warriors)
Joe Laurinaitis
Road Warrior Animal (The Warriors)
Brian Adams
Demolition Crush (The Perfect Team)
Barry Darsow
Demolition Smash (The Perfect Team)
Bill Eadie
Demolition Ax (The Perfect Team)
David Ware
Koko B. Ware (The Dream Team)
Harry Fujiwara
Mr. Fuji
Bobby Heenan
Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan
Robert Marella
Gorilla Monsoon
Gene Okerlund
Howard Finkel
Ring Announcer
Jimmy Hart
Ken Johnson
Michael Jones
Sean Mooney
Bruce Prichard
Brother Love
John Tenta
Earthquake (The Natural Disasters)
Adolph Bresciano
Dino Bravo (The Natural Disasters)
Tonga Fifita
Haku (The Natural Disasters)
Sione Vailahi
The Barbarian (The Natural Disasters)
Josip Peruzovic
Nikolai Volkoff (The Alliance)
Brian Wickens
Bushwhacker Luke
Butch Miller
Bushwhacker Butch
Boris Zhukov
Himself (The Mercenaries)
Akio Sato
Himself (The Mercenaries)
Pat Tanaka
Himself (The Mercenaries)
Adnan Al-Kaissy
General Adnan
Shane McMahon
Himself - Ringside Referee
Randy Savage
Jim Duggan
Himself (The Hulkamaniacs)
Fred Ottman
Tugboat (The Hulkamaniacs)
Merced Solis
Tito Santana (The Alliance)
Raymond Traylor
Big Bossman (The Hulkamaniacs)

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