Royal Rumble 1991

Saturday, 19th January 1991

The fourth annual Royal Rumble, held in the Miami Arena, Florida, was one of the most memorable events in the history of the World Wrestling Federation at the time.

The matches (in sequence order):
*The Rockers -vs- Orient Express
*Big Boss Man -vs- The Barbarian
**WWF TITLE MATCH: Ultimate Warrior (Champion) -vs- Sgt. Slaughter (Challenger)
*Dusty & Dustin Rhodes -vs- Million Dollar Man & Virgil
*The 30-Man Royal Rumble

Robert Marella
Gorilla Monsoon (Announcer)
Roddy Piper
Himself (co-announcer)
Hulk Hogan
Randy Savage
James Hellwig
Ultimate Warrior, WWF Champion
Curt Hennig
Mr. Perfect
Bob Remus
Sgt. Slaughter
Mark Calaway
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Himself (tag-team: The Rockers)
Brian Adams
Crush (from tag-team Demolition)
Adnan Al-Kaissy
General Adnan
Tony Atlas
Saba Simba
Adolph Bresciano
Dino Bravo
Paul Centopani
Paul Roma (from tag-team Power & Glory)
Barry Darsow
Smash (from tag-team Demolition)
Paul Diamond
Kato (tag-team: The Orient Express)
Ted DiBiase
The Million Dollar Man
Shane Douglas
Jim Duggan
'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan
Tonga Fifita
Howard Finkel
Ring Announcer
Harry Fujiwara
Mr. Fuji (team manager, "The Orient Express")
Bret Hart
The Hitman (from tag-team The Hart Foundation)
Jimmy Hart
Himself (ringside 'manager')
Bobby Heenan
Himself, Ringside 'manager'
Michael Hegstrand
Hawk (from tag-team Legion Of Doom)
Ray Hernandez
Hercules (from tag-team Power & Glory)
Marty Jannetty
Himself (tag-team: The Rockers)
Michael Jones
Brian Knobs
Himself (from tag-team 'The Nasty Boys')
Joe Laurinaitis
Animal (from tag-team 'Legion Of Doom')
Joey Marella
Referee, Opening contest
Rick Martel
The Model
Sherri Martel
Sensational Sherri
Butch Miller
Butch (from tag-team The Bushwhackers)
Sean Mooney
Locker-room interviewer
Jim Neidhart
The Anvil (from tag-team 'The Hart Foundation')
Gene Okerlund
Himself, Interviewer
Fred Ottman
Bruce Prichard
Brother Love ('manager' of The Undertaker)
Dusty Rhodes
Jake Roberts
Himself 'The Snake'
Dustin Runnels
Dustin Rhodes
David Smith
British Bulldog
Merced Solis
Tito Santana
Terry Szopinski
The Warlord
Pat Tanaka
Tanaka (tag-team: The Orient Express)
John Tenta
Raymond Traylor
Big Boss Man
Sione Vailahi
The Barbarian
Greg Valentine
Kerry von Erich
Texas Tornado
Brian Wickens
Luke (from tag-team 'The Bushwhackers')
Shane McMahon
Assistant Referee

Lord Heath: Notes & Screenshots