Gideon's Way
The Rhyme and the Reason

Saturday, 24th October 1964
 9:10 pm ITV

Saturday, 24th October 1964ITV2110Gideon's WayThe Rhyme and the Reason

John Gregson
Commander George Gideon
Alexander Davion
Det. Chief Insp. David Keen
Daphne Anderson
Kate Gideon
Jo Rowbottom
Mary Rose
Alan Rothwell
Bill Rose
Edward Evans
Fred Norton
Clare Kelly
Mrs. Norton
Carol White
Winifred Norton
Duncan Lamont
Divisional Supt. Smedd
Clive Colin Bowler
Rod Jenkins
Andrea Allan
Pru Gideon
Frank Forsyth
Sue Lloyd
Jill Mai Meredith
Peggy Walsh
Norman Mitchell
Club Manager