The Consultant

Tuesday, 21st January 1975
 8:30 pm CBS

Season 3, Episode 17

Hawkeye learns more than just a new surgical technique when a casual conversation in a Tokyo bar with a medical consultant convinces the man to come to the 4077th.

Notes: Lord Heath
Screenshots: Chris Survela

Tuesday, 21st January 1975CBS2030M*A*S*HThe Consultant
Saturday, 3rd August 2019WGN1530M*A*S*HThe Consultant

Alan Alda
Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce
Wayne Rogers
Captain John McIntyre
McLean Stevenson
Lt. Colonel Henry Blake
Loretta Swit
Major Margaret Houlihan
Larry Linville
Major Franklin Marion Burns
Gary Burghoff
Corporal Walter Eugene O'Reilly
Robert Alda
Dr. Anthony Borelli
William Christopher
Father Francis Mulcahy
Joseph Maher
Major Taylor
Tad Horino
Jeff Maxwell
Igor Straminsky
Kellye Nakahara
Lieutenant Kellye Yamato

Chris Survela: Vidcaps