Magnum, P.I.
Mr. White Death

Thursday, 18th November 1982

Jeffrey Hayden
Director (as Jeff Hayden)
Universal Pictures
Production Company

Episode Title card available only in its french language version

Tom Selleck
Thomas Sullivan Magnum
John Hillerman
Jonathan Quayle Higgins
Roger E. Mosley
Théodore 'Terry' Calvin
Larry Manetti
Orville 'Rick' Wright
Ernest Borgnine
Earl Gianelli / 'Mr. White Death'
Ernest Borgnine
Earl Gianelli / 'Mr. White Death'
Margie Impert
Madeline Jones, the Records Clerk
James Edgcomb
Phil Lewis
Linda Ryan
Cora Gillson
Ric Marlow
Salvatore Marchese, Head of the Miami Family
James Grant
Harry Meacham, the Gym Owner
Lord 'Tally Ho' Blears
Ring Announcer (as Lord James Blears)
Farmer Boy Ipo
Big Zongo
Spitfire Brown
Joey (as Percy Brown Jr.)
Reri Tava Jobe
Raymond Scanlan
Robert Apisa
Tom Lupo
Mafia Henchman

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